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We Are Raising Funds to Help Secure Basic Food Needs for The Gambia During the Coronavirus Pandemic

People in The Gambia and other developing countries are particularly vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. With 60% of The Gambia’s population  financially living hand to mouth, the impact of the coronavirus outbreak will be devastating. Through GIFT: Gambia International Food Trust, you can help feed communities hit hard by the virus.

About one third of The Gambia’s GDP relies on agriculture and tourism. The dramatic decline in tourism to “the smiling coast” due to COVID-19 is already impacting the greater economy, as well as vendors in neighborhood marketplaces who put themselves at risk in order to feed their families.

The New Freedom Project partners with the Smiling Coast Foundation

Similar to the Ebola crisis of 2014, the coronavirus outbreak will be devastating if we do not get ahead of the curve. For this reason, we are raising funds to provide a bag of rice to households in need.

For just $25, you can help feed an entire family for a month.

This is just the beginning. Come back for updates and information on other ways you can contribute. Until then, any amount you can give is appreciated.

Jerra Jef — Thank you!


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Smiling Coast Foundation

The Smiling Coast Foundation is a Gambian nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing local access to education and basic resources. Their focus is not only to ensure quality education and skill growth for Gambian people but also to provide access to sustainable food and resource accumulation for those most vulnerable in a developing country. Founder and president Bubacarr Manneh, also a university student, has dedicated his life to uplifting the people of The Gambia. Coming from a family of ten and hailing from a local village, Manneh has the necessary perspective and experience to manage this fundraiser on the ground. He has mobilized a team of volunteers who are ready to receive and distribute resources to those most in need. 

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Visual artist and activist, Charmaine Minniefield is the founder of The New Freedom Project.

The New Freedom Project

The New Freedom Project partners with other organizations to leverage community resources in order to bring together artists, civic leaders, volunteers, arts and cultural agencies, nonprofit organizations, and government entities to create meaningful change around systemic civil and human rights issues.

The New Freedom Project believes that art can be a catalyst for change and that creative collaboration can serve as a foundation for dialogue and understanding so that collective progress can be made towards common goals of justice, equity, and freedom.

CCI is the fiscal sponsor of the New Freedom Project.


  1. Great work. Will donate soon. Add me to email list.

  2. Good move…keep it up d sky is d limit

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